(A chrome extension to help you stay organized with your upcoming travels)

What is Trip Radar?

Trip Radar is a helpful mini app for frequent travelers, often called road warriors. Trip Radar organizes all your upcoming travels automatically for easy viewing on one screen, with literally one click on your browser. Not only that, as something changes (e.g. a flight gets delayed), Trip Radar updates in real-time allowing you to easily plan your trip to the airport. It also shows key information such as Terminal and Gate numbers that are usually only available a few hours ahead of the flight. The beauty of Trip Radar is that you don't need to populate your information in another app manually - it automatically updates as you book new flights and hotels.

How do I set up Trip Radar?

To begin with, just install the Trip Radar Chrome Extension and connect your work calendar (the calendar where your flights and other travel bookings show up). Whenever there is a flight on your calendar, Roger will automatically add it to your Trip Radar. If there are delays or cancellations where Roger believes he may be able to get you a refund, Roger will message you to confirm if you'd like Roger to pursue this matter with appropriate authorities. All you have to do is Reply Yes. Leave the rest to Roger.

Do you need my phone number? What do you do with it?

Adding your phone number is optional and unlocks some bonus skills of Roger. If you add it, Roger will text you important updates. e.g. 3 hours before your flight, you will get a text message notifying you if your flight is on time, along with Terminal Information and Gate Number etc.

If you have connecting flights, our software calculates the likelihood whether you are likely to miss your connection so you can decide if you want to call the airline or make other changes to your plans. If you subscribe to Roger's service, Roger will actually text you an alternate flight option so you can just Reply Yes, and Roger can book it for you without you having to do anything yourself.

If you don't add your phone number, these messages will be Emailed to you.

What information do you store?

The only information we extract from your calendar is the Flights you will be on and the Hotel you are planning to stay at, so they can be tracked and right information can be presented to you when you need it.

No other sensitive information is stored on our systems.

What do you do with my data?

OK Roger was founded on a core principle that busy Travelers need a trustworthy assistant to help them. Thus, by nature Roger is a trusted assistant who will never ever share your personal data with anyone. Not only is all data stored and transmitted securely, but we do NOT sell any form of advertising. Unlike other companies that target consumers and often are ad-supported, our main service is a platform primarily targeted for Businesses and their Employees. Already, a number of well known companies trust us with their sensitive data. The Trip Radar tool is purely meant to be helpful to save you time and headache and get you the information and benefits that you deserve as a frequent traveler. After all, that is the job of a true assistant that you hire!

If you are not selling my data or showing me ads, then why are you offering this app for Free?

We've developed this application to help employees of our enterprise clients. Many of them are CEOs, VPs and in senior management roles who use Roger's full service as their trusted executive travel assistant.

After we developed this app, we realized that others might find this helpful so we decided to release it publicly. If you like this app and are interested in learning more about Roger, our enterprise assistant for your company - we'd welcome an opportunity to speak with you to see if Roger may be a good fit for your team's needs. If business travel is part of your work life, we most certainly have many benefits to offer you, regardless of your role in the organization.

You are welcome to email us at questions@okroger.ai

Do I Actually get compensated for flight delays?

Many flight delays are due to things such as weather. For such delays, there is usually no compensation for travelers, as this is beyond the control of airlines and as such, not their fault. But often times, delays happen because of operational errors and mistakes on the part of airlines or airport operations. In such scenarios, legal rules or airline policy often implies that airlines will compensate travelers for the inconvenience suffered by them. These rules can be complex, require negotiation and vary by country. Airlines may be required by law to offer you such refunds and credits but clearly, they don't have an incentive to make it easy for you. By connecting with Trip Radar, all of this is taken care for you by Roger. There is nothing you have to do - nada!

I have many calendars. Which one should I use?

Use the Calendar associated with the Email account where you receive confirmation emails for travel bookings.

Can I connect multiple calendars - I have many for different purposes.

Unfortunately, not at the moment. However, its on our roadmap. If you'd be interested in the capability, please fill out the form below - it'll help us prioritize our roadmap.

Can you show me Flight Numbers as well ?

Yes, of-course. Flight Numbers are shown when you mouse-over on the airline icon - a bit of an easter-egg :-)

What types of updates do you show for Flights?

Trip Radar tracks your flights for any delays and gate changes and will update in real time. As soon as your Terminal and Gate Information is available, it'll be shown.

Is it a free service?

While Trip Radar is currently offered to you as a helpful application at no cost, the refund service is offered risk-free. If Roger is not able to claim compensation, you will not be charged anything. When the negotiation is complete, Roger will ask you for some details (such as where to send your compensation). Roger will charge you 30% of what he will claim for you, in return for all the hard work that he is going to do! In the future, we may choose to offer more benefits as part of premium edition. At no point, will we charge you without your explicit consent or knowledge - that's a promise

It's cool and all. After trying it, me and my colleagues realized this is not for me. How do we disconnect the service?

We are sorry to hear that. Please go to your Google or Microsoft connected apps page and disconnect the Trip Radar app before you remove the extension. Meanwhile, we'd really appreciate if you can fill some feedback below so we can improve the experience. Specifically, anything that we could we have done differently to make Trip Radar more useful for you?

How do I contact you?

You can always email us info@okoger.ai.