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Q: What are your services?

A: I can help you book flights, hotel accommodations, car rentals and train tickets.

Q: Can you book a dinner reservation as well?

A: Unfortunately, that is not something I can do as of yet. I will let you know once that service is available in the future.

Q: I have specific preferences when booking. Can you apply them on every booking?

A: Yes! I always make sure to take down your personal preferences and make sure it is applied on every booking. Moreover, my software engine helps me remember your preferences when you are talking to me and I am planning travel for you - this ensures I can find you the best possible flights, lodging etc that's suitable for your needs

Q: How can I reach you?

A: You can reach me through:

Slack, MS Teams etc - if you have a Team account

SMS: +1-747-223-6030

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/okrogerai

Email: roger@okroger.ai

In the US, you can text me or leave me voice messages at +1-747-223-6030. I have international numbers in many countries as well if you travel overseas. See the section called Calling Related and Voice Drop to see my list of phone numbers

Q: Are you a robot or human being?

A: I am very much human, but I am fueled by AI software.

Q: Are you available anytime?

A: Yes, I am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: Will I earn membership points if I use your services?

A: Absolutely! I just need to have your credentials so I can use it every time we book a reservation.

Q: I have an existing coupon code. Can you apply it to my reservation?

A: Yes, you may provide me the code before making the reservation to avail the discount.

Q: I prefer to use a different language when chatting with you. Would that be an issue?

A: Not at all! Our developers made sure that Roger is smart enough to understand whichever language you prefer to use.

Q: I am sensitive to the cost. Are your prices cheaper compared to everyone?

A: If you are worried about the costs, I can always search for the cheapest price available at time of booking. Please note that rates fluctuate from time to time due to availability.

Q: I am not comfortable with sharing my membership credentials with somebody else.

A: I understand where you’re coming from. However, in order to ensure that your points are taken care of, I would need to have access to your profile. Rest assured that your logins are safe and stored in a secured manner.

Q: Can you apply for a visa on my behalf?

A: Unfortunately, it is not a service I currently support.

Q: Can you book flights for my family members/friends/guests?

A: Yes, I can! Simply send me a message with their basic booking information and I’ll store it for future use. If you’d prefer I reach out to them directly, please give me their contact email and I’ll communicate directly with them.

Q: Can you upgrade my flight using my air miles?

A: Of course I can! Just send me a message requesting this upon confirming a reservation.

Q: Can I add a second passport?

A: Yes! You can visit https://me.okroger.ai/ and then passports to add a second passport.

Q: Can Roger help me book a flight and hotel for my VIP guest and charge it to my account?

A: Yes, of course. Send me a message with their email address and cost limits (if you have any), and I’ll reach out to them on your behalf.

Q: Will Roger remind me of my travel credits that are due to expire soon?

A: Absolutely. I will remind you 90, 60 and 30 days before they expire and every time you confirm a booking, I will check to see if you have credits/vouchers that can be used to purchase it.

Booking Questions

Q: I have an ongoing claim with the airline/hotel. Can you track the status for me?

A: 100%! I can check the status of your claim on your behalf until it gets resolved. Just provide me with the claim number.

Q: Can you track a flight for me to see when the price will go down?

A: Yes! I can do that for you. Just tell the specific flights you’d like to monitor.

Q: Can you remind me to book my flights in the future?

A: Absolutely! I can set up a reminder for you anytime. Just tell me when exactly you’d like to be reminded.

Q: I don’t have any airline or hotel memberships. Can you sign me up?

A: Yes! I can do that for you.

Q: Can we apply my discount card/coupon to my train tickets?

A: Yes! Just send me the card/coupon details so I can use it moving forward.

Q: I don’t like getting PDF versions of my boarding pass.

A: I can send you mobile boarding passes moving forward. Just let me know what your preferences are.

Q: I prefer checking in for my flight at the airport.

A: That is not a problem, I can turn off the automatic check in feature

Billing Questions

Q: Do you charge a service fees?

A: If you are a monthly subscriber or your employer has a Roger for Teams account, no service fees are added. Your receipt will reflect the purchase price of the Flight or Hotel that I pay on your behalf.

Q: Can you send me the receipts after booking?

A: Hi! Typically, I send all the receipts to the traveler within 24 hours after charging them.

Q: Can I add/delete my payment method?

A: Yes! You can add a payment card to your profile on https://me.okroger.ai/, Or if you want, you can send the details in Slack/SMS and I can update it.

Q: I prefer to see the cost in a different currency. Is that something you can do for me?

A: Yes, You can set your preferred currency on your profile at https://me.okroger.ai/. Or if you want, you can send the details in Slack and I can update it.

Q: Can I pay using Paypal or Wire Transfer?

A: Unfortunately, it is not something I can support yet. I can only book flights using a credit or a debit card. If your company has a team account with us, they can pay through a corporate card or Purchase Order as well.

Q: Can I book travel for other people and charge to my credit card?

A: Yes, of-course. Remember that the cost of your individual monthly subscription - just covers you. Booking travel for others will incur a service fee of $24.99 per transaction which will be charged to your credit card on file and the receipt will include both the cost of travel booking and service fee. As part of this, your guest will also receive the premium VIP experience for the duration of this trip. If you have multiple guests on the same booking, the service fee is only charged once (up to 4 guests).

👉 If your employer has a Teams account with us, then no additional service fee is added to the booking. In that case, the person you are booking travel for will be considered your company's guest.

Q: Can I still avail the service without getting a monthly subscription?

A : Yes, as an individual you are able to avail the service. Standard service fee of USD 24.99/transaction applies and will be charged to your credit card on file. The quotes you receive do not include the service fees but your receipts will include both the cost of the flight and service fees, making it easier for you to file expenses with your employer.

👉 Remember that each transaction that Roger conducts on your behalf will incur a service fee (e.g. if you re-book or re-schedule the same flight, additional service fees will be applied). Therefore, if you are a frequent traveler, monthly subscription is a GREAT deal, allowing you to avail all of my services without additional service fees ✈

Q: What if I am not based in the US?

A: We can charge the subscription fees and service fees in Euros (for those based in continental Europe) or GBP (if you are based in the UK). We currently only support these currencies. If you need further information, please email at info@okroger.ai . Thank you

Voice Drop and Calling Related

Q: Can I message Roger via Text?

Yes, you may message Roger on the following numbers (tariffs may apply, based on where you are and your carrier). For most numbers below, voice drop is also supported.

  • If your phone number is stored in your profile, Roger will automatically recognize who you are when you message him!

  • If you haven’t done it already, it’s best to store Roger’s phone number in your phone as “OK Roger” (First Name, Last Name).

Country Roger's Phone Number

US +1-747-223-6030

UK +44 7403 929747

Australia +61 451 562 721

Netherlands +31 97004498747

Sweden +46 76 943 87 47

Belgium +32 460 20 17 47

Q: How does Voicedrop work?

You call the number and drop a voice message. Roger will message you back using the communication mediums (Email, Slack, SMS etc)

Q: When is Voice Drop Useful?

  • When you are driving or otherwise in a situation where it may be hard to type up a message

  • When you want to communicate something complex that will take too long to type

Q: My country isn’t supported in the list above. Can you help?

Message us on questions@okroger.ai and we will see what we can do! We are constantly adding new countries

Q: Why don't I talk to a live person?

Most of our users are busy professionals who are in meetings and as such, find it most convenient to just communicate by Texting or sending messages via MS Teams, Slack, Email etc. Waiting on phone lines and listening to music has always been a frustrating experience and something we deliberately didn't want to recreate. We find that voice-drop can achieve the goals in almost all the cases. In extreme cases, when you need to speak to someone, you can message him and Roger can call you back.