Employee Handbook

Resources for employees of our clients who have Roger for Teams package

How is Roger different than other travel tools?

As a traveling employee, the ONLY thing you REALLY REALLY REALLY should know is that unlike most platforms that you might be familiar with, OK Roger’s platform is not a fully-automated software tool. Rather, the platform is a rich AI-driven communication layer for you to delegate your travel tasks to real humans - your executive assistants.

Since most companies don’t really have executive assistants nowadays, we have offered a turnkey solution to companies, by hiring and training executive assistants who work to assist you with all of your travel chores 24x7.

Our Software Platform


Our Human Assistants


Roger - Your Superhuman Executive Assistant

What This Means For You

  • You message Roger using natural human language. e.g Hey Roger - need to be in San Francisco week of March 14th. Can you help plan my trip. You can message him from wherever you are - within you Slack or MS-Team, Text, Email, Facebook Messenger, Voicedrop etc.

  • Just like you let your PA have access to your calendar, you connect Roger to your calendar. Roger will then automatically plan ahead for you and send smart reminders such as “Hi Rebecca - looks like you need to be in New York in May. Are you planning on going?”. It's his job to ensure you don't forget to book travel on time so you can lock in best prices and get the best seats that you prefer

How do I get Started

  • If your company has our Slack app (or MS-Teams app) properly setup, Roger will proactively message you, as long as you've been invited by your Team Administrator. You'll first go through the automated chatbot style short questions - this is designed to be a self-guided journey to help you set up your profile and get you and Roger to say hello to each other

  • Once you finish the on-boarding questions, you can setup your profile at me.okroger.ai .

How to Best work with Roger

  • Fire a message and go back to what you were doing or to your meeting: We have developed a sophisticated engine that mostly lives behind the scenes. Which means - Roger never drops the ball when you ask him to help. He researches the best options for you based on your personal & your organization’s preferences. Thus unlike a search engine, he can’t really respond in micro-seconds. But he is generally pretty zippy fast! Think of it this way - let Roger plan and research your trip. Free yourself from over and over and over doing it yourself!

  • Train him on how you like to Travel : When you hire a new assistant in the office, you tell them how to work best with you. This means that when you start to work with Roger, there’s some back & forth. Once Roger learns about you, communication overhead goes down and you begin to trust that he knows you and he’ll get things done. Quite simply - all of us can use some help so we can focus on doing what we need to do - instead of dealing with our own travel chores

Is Roger a human or a bot?

That is a good question and something that a lot of people wonder :). The answer is not very simple. Its best to think of Roger as a superhuman. Unlike a human assistant, our human assistants have access to sophisticated technology built by our engineers. This allows them to help your entire team in a way that is not humanly possible!

Is OK Roger a Travel Agency? If not - how are you different?

Historically, Travel Agency business model has focused on commissions. This creates many conflicts. e.g. an Agency algorithms are tuned to rank the Hotel where they make more money higher. There is also often no price transparency when you work with Travel agencies.

OK Roger is a new-age enterprise software company focused on creating a modern & seamless experience for travelers and streamlining travel management across the organization for every stakeholder.

We do not markup prices or keep commissions. Our vision is for Roger to be a trusted assistant to you the traveler and to your organization - so we can help you be more productive, negotiate the best prices for your organization and so on. Since you are a buyer of Travel, we aim to help you by developing intelligence to understand and one-up on the seller's strategy!

If it's all humans behind the scenes, what is the AI ?

Great question.

  • While we aim to give you a very human experience, it's not always coming from humans. When you get a message from Roger, its sometimes sent by our AI, sometimes by a human and sometimes by a combination of the two. We view the machine as something that our human assistants collaborate with.

  • We have a sophisticated engine in which our human assistants operate. That engine allows them to be efficient in taking care of you, the traveler.

  • As you begin to delegate to him, you will start to see his proactive personality. e.g. he will follow-up with you regularly, he will remind you based on location of your meetings in your calendar. Many of these experiences are fueled by our AI. Our AI is Augmented Intelligence instead of Artificial Intelligence

  • Here's a cool tip - You can also chat with Roger in your native language. Try messaging him in French or Spanish or Greek, he can understand everything!

What can Roger do for me?

Anything that a human assistant can.

I am very picky. Can I pick my own flights?

Of-course. Roger is your assistant. If you'd rather do you own re-search, go right ahead. Once you know what you want, just message it to Roger. e.g if you use a mobile app to research, text or Slack a screenshot of what you'd like to Roger. Some people start delegating all trip planning & research to Roger right away, while others take their time to develop the mutual trust. It's totally upto you!

Can Roger do other things beyond booking my travel?

We are training him to be a superhuman travel assistant - to be one of the best in the world. As long as your request is related to travel - don't hesitate asking him (e.g. Hey, can you help me research where I should park?)

Does Roger book travel worldwide?

Yes, of-course. Roger can do whatever a human assistant in the office can! It's the power of the platform. He can research and book flights, hotels, trains, car and so on. Roger is on 24x7 of-course - it's just one of the many super-human qualities he has :)

Can he make phone calls on my behalf?

Yes, of-course. Roger will call Airlines or Hotels or anyone else related. You are a busy professional and one you have Roger, you will never have to call anyone again. Ask him to negotiate a refund for you or get you credits or whatever the need might be.