For Travelers

How it (he) Works

Watch this 2-min video on how Roger can be your VIP assistant in your Slack or MS Teams. Whether you prefer communicating via Email, Text or through any of these modern conversational platforms, you can find Roger everywhere you are!

There's no need to download or learn any other app!

Who is Roger?

Roger is a a personalized & proactive travel assistant, developed using a combination of AI and a network of expert human assistants. You can message Roger just like you'd message a real human executive assistant and request him to plan & book travel for you, anytime you'd like. Since Roger is not an automated bot, you don't have to worry about what the system may or may not understand and how to say it. Everything you say is always processed using a human's assistance

See How Rolland delegates his travel planning and booking to Roger, so he can focus on things that truly matter