Product Updates

(offers a peek into an evolutionary journey that some find fascinating)

v32 (Oct 16, 2020)

βœ” If the hosts are paying, Flight changes and cancellations now need to be approved by the planners - this allows better visibility and budget management ✈

βœ” Colorful new design for the Product is in place - Roger is now very easy on the eyes πŸ˜€

βœ” Smarter Column and Date Recognition by Roger, implies reduced needs for column mapping - Less cut and paste by everyone πŸ’ͺ.

βœ” As a planner, you now have the ability to be CC’d in all of Roger’s communication with your guests πŸ“§

v30 (September 30, 2020)

βœ” Guest Details are now directly available from the dashboard by clicking on the guest name - this allows you to quickly get information about the status of individual guests that you or any of your business stakeholders need to inquire about

βœ” Powerful and more Comprehensive Dashboard search allows you to search on any attribute in your guest-list, even those that are not visible in the dashboard!

βœ” Email Instructions are now to sent to planners, clarifying what Roger is doing and what he might need from the planner

v28 (September 16, 2020)

βœ” Clearer communication from Roger about next steps - what Roger is going to do and what he expects the planner to do

βœ” Sample Events and it's Preference panel is more obvious now - allowing new users to easily navigate what's available.

βœ” Data Import is more flexible and powerful making the process for you to share your guest-lists with Roger even more seamless

βœ” Excel Templates have been re-designed with clearer instructions

v27 (September 9, 2020)

βœ” Additional flexibility to allow Roger to use your (or your client's) brand & event voice when he messages the guests - as a planner, you can now customize the initial message sent by Roger to your guests.

βœ” Bingo! You've just received additional super-powers - as a planner, you get to decide between which controls are uniformly applied to everyone in your guest list and which ones are per-guest

βœ” The wizard has been completely re-designed (yet again!) to ensure it continues to be very intuitive - especially for new users of the platform. While we've added many super-powers & additional flexibility - we've also been working extra hard to keep all the complexity hidden so we can offer a seamless & intuitive experience to you.

βœ” It's now very intuitive to choose between Cloud connected guest-list (via Office365/OneDrive) vs Uploading an Excel file from your desktop.

v25 (August 21, 2020)

βœ” Guest lists connected through OneDrive (Excel files in the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud) are automatically checked for any changes. Event Planners will be alerted if any updates have not been synced to their event on the dashboard and be able to review the changes and sync them from within the dashboard

βœ” Event Planners who use custom guest list spreadsheets, will only have to map their columns once! The system will remember the mapping and apply it to all subsequent events. Makes it much easier for you since you don't have to repeat the mapping process as long as you use the same format for your future events

v24 (August 15, 2020)

βœ” Event Planners using OneDrive can now connect their guest list files with an event on our platform to synchronize. Watch a short video here (0:56)

βœ” New users will enjoy the latest interface update as they’ll be guided through the platform to experience all of Roger's capabilities. Check-out the latest updates here.

βœ” We fixed some technical issues with the new Flight Budget Estimator add-on that’s available for Google Sheet users.

v23 (August 7, 2020)

βœ” Once a guest list file has been uploaded to the platform, the system will check it over for any errors, highlight them, and allow you to edit the data all from within the platform! This allows Event Planners to quickly modify their guest details before Roger gets to work. Watch a quick demonstration video here (2:02) or read the guide here.

βœ” Various usability bugs were found and fixed to give our users a faultless experience.

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v22 (July 31, 2020)

βœ” Our new Flight Budget Estimator add-on for Google Sheets is now available for Event Planners to get flight cost estimates done automatically from a guest list! This will help Event Planners get a good idea for budget and destination planning. Install the add-on here, watch a demo video here (3:48), and visit the Help Center to follow the step-by-step guide.

βœ” A few kinks have been smoothened out so now it is possible for Event Planners to create a new event using any guest list file format and make adjustments to it within the dashboard!

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v18 (July 3, 2020)

βœ” To help you with budget planning, a new Fight Budget Estimator feature been added to the Events Dashboard. Once an Event is created and a guest list is attached, Event Planners will now see an estimate of the flight costs for everyone attending the event. Watch a quick video here (0:48).

βœ” The Event Dashboard interface has been redesigned with an even cleaner modern look and feel and workflow. Event Planners can simply drag-and-drop their guest list files anywhere onto the Dashboard and Roger will automatically import and process the data, prompt you for any missing or incomplete info and get to work. Watch a video here (1:41).

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v17 (June 26, 2020)

βœ” With the new drag and drop interface and re-engineered guest list template, Event Planners will find the event creation process to be much more simple and lightening fast. Watch a video (3:34) here to see this in action.

βœ” The Event Dashboard homepage has been redesigned so it’s easier for new Event Planners to jump on-board and learn about our platform.

βœ” Various bugs were fixed.

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v16 (June 19, 2020)

βœ” HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are now fully integrated with our platform. Once enabled any new guest registrations for your event hosted on HubSpot or Microsoft Dynamics, will be synchronised to your event on our platform. Watch tutorials (HubSpot or Dynamics) and follow step-by-step guides at the Help Center > Integrations.

βœ” Event Planners who are managing their own events and also collaborating on other events on our platform, can now easily switch between Dashboards in just a single click. This allows one to distinguish their own Events from Events where they are added as a collaborator easily on the Dashboard. Watch a short overview video here (1:15) and view step-by-step guides here.

βœ” A few bugs were fixed.

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v15 (June 12, 2020)

βœ” Reminder nudges are here for Enterprise Admin users to be enabled for unresponsive communications sent by Roger. These can be set-up for different user roles (Event Planners, Approvers and Attendees) who have not responded to Roger's emails requesting an action or further information. This ensures nothing slips through the cracks! Read a step-by-step guide here.

βœ” We're currently building a flight estimator API for Event Planners to get an idea of how much the flights will cost for an event. This tool will be conveniently available on the wizard and Events Dashboard which can be triggered once a guest list has been added to an event. Watch this space…

βœ” A few bugs were fixed.

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v14 (June 5, 2020)

βœ” Cvent and RegFox are integrated, so guest registrations/additions can be triggered from events hosted on those platforms (overview video here, 1:19)

βœ” Enterprise users can download a company directory, which can be used to generate a pre-populated guest list instantly (quick step-by-step guide here.)

βœ” Receipts can be sent automatically to accountants directly. As a planner, you don't have to track and forward them manually (a quick 2-step guide here.)

βœ” Dashboard now offers a more comprehensive view of chosen vs skipped settings at an event level.

βœ” Many minor bugs were fixed.

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v13 (May 29, 2020)

βœ” Collaborate with colleagues - Invite other planners to manage your event together with our new co-planner feature. This allows Event Owners to give equal access to other planners to help manage an event (step-by-step guide here, watch a short tutorial video here (0:40), and an overview video here (2:04).

βœ” The dashboard has been improved in a few areas to help guide Event Planners on what to do next.

βœ” Various bugs and technical errors that were found during testing have been fixed.

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v12 (May 22, 2020)

βœ” Reminders are here - Roger now automatically follows-up with everyone, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks or gets buried in the email pile (video, 0:52)

βœ” Event Planners can now specify approvers for every guest individually - giving the Pro users fine grained control (also available using the API)

βœ” Booking receipts can now be sent to separate email addresses (such as finance person or department) - planners don't have to manage receipts

βœ” Attendee attributes (e.g. their favorite Airline or Frequent Flyer Number) specified on the Pro guest list will now be automatically stored in the system for future - ensuring an executive VIP experience every time.

βœ” Event Planner APIs are now part of Postman directory (see it here)

βœ” Various bugs in the back-end have been fixed.

βœ” The wizard and dashboard have had more tweaks to give our users an overall better experience.

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v11 (May 15, 2020)

βœ” Enterprise Customers can easily invite colleagues as Event Planners who will have now access to the company directory upon signing up. This eliminates the need to build a list of colleagues from scratch (video).

βœ” Choose your preferred currency - all flights will be quoted/booked and other workflows such as approvals will use it too ( watch a short video here)

βœ” Purchase Orders have threshold limits now and you will get reminders when the balance is running low (video here)

βœ” Payment by PO is now available on a guest by guest basis in the Pro mode. Watch a video here to learn about the payment options.

βœ” Roger can systematically pause booking flights if the balance from a purchase order is low. When this happens, Event Planners will be informed right away.

βœ” The usual - UI and bug cleansing has been done.

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v10 (May 8, 2020)

βœ” Event Planners have the extra flexibility of removing Guests from events and can see when a Guest declines, all within the Dashboard.

βœ” You can now choose to pay for flights using purchase orders. There will be no need to enter a credit card.

βœ” The Dashboards Main Menu includes a new Settings page where Event Planners can optionally add and update their Company address, personal information and credit cards.

βœ” With the Pro Method, Event Planners can upload their invitee list and setup Marketo or Email Forwarding to let Roger know that an invitee has Registered or Confirmed.

βœ” Dashboard has a much cleaner look and feel.

βœ” Several bug fixes.

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v9 (May 1, 2020)

βœ” Developers can now setup push notifications via a webhook - giving you endless possibilities for tracking and logging booking changes.

βœ” The event creation process has been systematically divided into Basic and Pro methods to give users a streamlined experience.

βœ” Let Roger know if your guests are Registered or Unregistered on the Advanced guest list - Roger will only work on those that are Registered.

βœ” Events now have a dedicated email address to allow Event Planners to add newly registered guests to the event via email - go ahead and forward him emails from guests confirming their attendance or registration.

v8 (April 24, 2020)

βœ” Developers can now easily integrate our API into their application.

βœ” Drag and Drop Uploader is now available

βœ” Adobe Marketo has been integrated, so guest registrations/additions can be triggered when they register on a Marketo hosted event registration page.

βœ” Misc UI Improvements

βœ” Bug Fixes

v7 (April 17, 2020)

βœ” Booking notifications and updates (Slack and email)

βœ” Export data to XLS - easily send it to whoever needs it, your boss/car company etc.

βœ” Misc UI Improvements

βœ” Bug Fixes

v6 (April 10, 2020)

βœ” Pro Template are here an they allow you to exercise per-guest controls and how you would like Roger to handle their travels.

βœ” In addition CSV, you can upload XLS files.

βœ” Misc UI Improvements

v5 (April 4, 2020)

  • Added flexibility in payment options, allowing guests to pay themselves.

  • Introduced threaded emails from Roger - to make the communication smoother.

  • Fixed email formatting issues when emails are replied to.

  • Dashboard has a cleaner look and feel.

  • Added reminders for approvals.

  • Several bug fixes

v4 (March 27, 2020)

  • Approval workflows to help manage costs.

  • Smart merge by re-uploading your spreadsheet.

  • Save to Draft/Deploy later.

  • Staus bar.

  • Cleaner UI.

v3 (March 23, 2020)

  • Infrastructure changes to allow us to quickly create improved messaging/emails with your attendees.

  • Backend change to help our assistants be more productive and offer you and your guests a faster, more consistent experience.

  • Improved matching of City names to Airports.

  • Many bug fixes.

v2 (March 13, 2020)

  • Custom CSV upload.

  • Flight pre-selection option.

  • Customize arrival and departure times.

  • Information help on every screen.