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(to make it easy for you, we've organized our FAQS into a few key topics)

Event Settings

Is it possible to see a flight cost estimate for everyone on my guest list?

Yes it is! Once you have created an Event and attached your guest list, you will see an estimate on the top-right corner of the Event Dashboard. This estimate is frequently updated automatically.

It is also possible to get detailed estimates with our new add-on for Google sheets. Once installed and a guest list has been added, it will calculate flight costs on a per attendee basis. This allows you to add customized parameters such as; origin airports, seating classes, arrival/departure dates and times. Go to Flight Budget Estimator page for more details.

How can I ensure timely responses from Approvers and Attendees so that nothing delays the booking process?

On the Events Dashboard, head over to the Preferences section then Nudges. You can enable or disable nudges for; Event Planners, Attendees and Approvers.

Nudge reminders will be automatically sent if the following emails do not get responded to:

  • Flight Selection (Event Planners)

  • Flight Booking Approval (Approvers)

  • Booking Information (Attendees)

  • Event Planner role acceptance (Collaborators)

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Can I select a flight before Roger reaches out to the attendees?

Yes, Event Planners can pre-select a flight for their attendees. To set this up, answer Yes to the question which is asked during the event creation process on the wizard-

Would you like Roger to message you with flight options for your selection before sending to your guests?

More info:
  • Choose Yes if you’d like Roger to message you with flight options before sending them to your guests. Otherwise choose No and Roger will send flight options directly to your attendees.
  • If you have attendees coming in from different cities, you will receive a pre-selection message for each city!
  • This feature is not meant to be used for budget control (you’ll be prompted for that separately)
  • Best Used to ensure certain budget airlines or otherwise undesirable options (e.g. long layovers) are not presented to the attendees.

Can booking receipts automatically get sent to my finance person?

Yes. If the Host is paying for flights, booking receipts will be sent to the Event Planner by default but if you wanted to specify another recipient, you can do this by going to the Preferences section and then Payments. Scroll down till you see booking receipts, here you can add up to 3 unique email addresses.

Guest List Management

How can I cancel a booking?

You can cancel a booking by either uninviting the guest from the Events Dashboard or messaging Roger. To cancel a booking from the Events Dashboard, locate the attendee and click on the 'X' under the actions column. This removes them from the event and Roger will cancel the booking.

How can a guest change a booking?

The guest can directly send Roger a message requesting a change. Roger will then research new options and rebook/change the existing booking.

Account Settings

Can I change the default currency?

Yes! Select Settings which can be found under the main menu dropdown on the Events Dashboard. Then go to Company Settings and scroll down till you see currency.

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Can my colleague also help me manage this event and get access?

Yes, of course! You can add collaborators to you events by going to the Preferences section and then Collaborators. Simply add emails of those that will help you manage your event.

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The payment card used for bookings will expire soon, how can I update the card for bookings?

Sure! Go to the Events Dashboard and select Settings on the main menu dropdown. Then go to Payments Method and add a new card.

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Can I export a booking report?

Yes, you can export a booking report by going to the Events Dashboard. On the screen there is an 'Export' button, click that then chose your preferred file type (CSV or XLSX).

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Integrations and Tools

Is it possible to set-up automatic guest registrations from my events hosted on Marketo/RegFox/Cvent/Microsoft Dynamics 365/HubSpot?

Yes! We urge you to use our integration to automate guest registrations. First, you'll need to create a New Event and select External Platform as the Guest list method. Once your Event is finalized, head the Preferences section and then Integrations. Here you will find the URLs and information required to set-up our integration.

Enterprise Connect

How can I give permission to an employee to be an Event Planner?

Log-in to the Admin Dashboard and select Users. Locate the person, click the box and select 'Make Event Planner' from the dropdown.

Once the permission has been granted, Roger automatically emails the new Event Planner with information on how to get started. You will be notified once the new Event Planner has logged-in for the first time or if they don't, Roger will send a reminder email nudging them to log-in.

Is it possible to manage different team accounts?

Yes! You can create multiple accounts from the Admin Dashboard and easily switch between different accounts on the Event Dashboard by opening the main menu drop-down and selecting the team account that you want to work on. Go to this page to learn more.

Guest Bookings

Can guests receive booking receipts?

It depends on who is the Payee. If the Host is the payee, then the receipts will not be sent to guests but the Event Planner by default*.

If the guests are paying for their own flights, they will receive a receipt to file for reimbursement.

It is possible to add additional recipients to receive booking receipts from the Payment section in Preferences.

How do I integrate my Expensify with Roger?

Send Roger a message asking for this and he'll send you an email asking for your Expensify email. Read more here.

How can my colleague(s) receive booking notifications on Slack or email?

On the Events Dashboard, head over to the Preferences section then Notifications. Click Connect then follow the instructions to connect a Slack channel.

Booking notifications will be sent to the connected channel every time Roger books a flight, changes a booking, or cancels a booking for travelers going to your event

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